The Scary Land of Blogging

Well, folks, friends, family, maybe a few foes in there – this is a blog about our goings-on. We have so many loved ones far away, and we are admittedly the worst phone talkers of all time, so a blog seemed like a do-able way to chronicle these next adventures. I’m not a blogger, and I feel so confused staring at this dashboard and discouraged that I don’t know how to make the blog look way cute, but I think I’ll have time to learn all of that as I go.

We’re currently in negotiations on buying our first house ever, in Phoenix, AZ! I feel so grown up even typing that, but you know I’m 28, and Josh is 31. There are people our age that have owned their houses for like 10 years. That’s  INSANE.

If this whole move-to-Arizona thing seems sudden, it’s because it IS. While we’ve loved the pacific northwest, its mild summers, its tall tall trees, its chilly, abandoned beaches… we’ve kind of felt like we were in a waiting room. We went on a house hunt here in WA to put down some roots but nothing was working out and eventually it felt as though we were really trying to force it to, instead of questioning if this is really where God thinks we should be right now! And then one night, so unpredictably, we decided to look at houses online in Phoenix, and then the next thing we knew we were planning on it! I’m skipping a lot here but that’s kind of how it feels in retrospect.

If this particular house works out, it looks like we will be closing around the end of October, and moving probably towards the middle to end of November, because of some bookings we still have in this area.

Pray for us that we don’t go crazy through this process of buying a home! Pray that we can sell our things once again. Pray Josh gets transferred / or a job in Phoenix, and that we can start booking some weddings and stuff in PHX before we get there! That would be a miracle!

Another miracle would be if any of you talented wordpress designers / old pro’s could help a lady out. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Scary Land of Blogging

  1. So happy you started this blog!! I added it to my Reader. So stoked for you two. I’m praying for you … I know what it’s like to possess that wandering spirit … ‘home is where you make it’. There’s a reason PHX popped into your heads, and I’m so excited to see where this dream takes you guys. I just hope we can get out the PNW before you guys head south. Cheers for being awesome, you two! 🙂

    • Thanks Ravyn, you inspired me to!! I seriously hope you guys get out here before we leave so we could meet up. It’s kind of awesome that we’re both in the middle of this crazy in-between of moving and uprooting and you know, living. 🙂 I love keeping up with yall’s blog!

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