And… it’s official!

So yes. It’s official. We found out this week that our offer on a house was accepted!! This week has been spent lining up a home inspector and dreaming about how we’re going to redecorate the house… and trying to drum up a little business in the Phoenix area and get a job lined up for Josh! The jobs / business part is a lot easier said than done, and it’s the part the stresses us out the most.

Photo of the house you ask? Well ok. But to see the inside of the house… you have to come visit us.

New House

Besides home stuff, we’ve been farm-sitting this week and the next couple of weeks. It’s had its interesting moments… A chicken flew into my head at one point (the chickens and the ducks get WAY TOO EXCITED right before we feed ’em), At least once a day I chase a duck, the goats hate me except for Arturo, and Bombles has suddenly gone from evil Demon Dog to sweetest little lap dog ever… I think he figured out we feed him now. We had a weird day yesterday when suddenly the water stopped running, and Josh found out that one of the pipes’ plugs had popped out leaving water to spray everywhere outside for who knows how long. So the well pump had started pumping out mud, basically. It’s taken about a day to get the dirt out of the water. I unknowingly drank a bunch of the water last night (I was tired… and the cup was blue! I didn’t see the dirt!) and had to suffer the consequences today. Blech.

So we’ve moved out of the tiny, 200 square foot cottage for good (hopefully). It’s amazing how an actual kitchen changes things! OH… and a dishwasher! Last night we made a little bonfire out side of the cottage and made s’mores with Reece’s cups instead of chocolate… holy amazing. It was pretty sweet, looking up at the stars in the clear dark sky… remembering that night on our honeymoon when we sat in the exact same place, making s’mores over a camp fire. 2 years ago. It would have been more romantic if we hadn’t heard a chicken get killed by a bobcat. All that squawking made the whole thing more eerie than romantic. Oh, real life!!

It’s pretty petty but I’m kind of the worst at keeping personal goals. I’ve heard that it takes 30 days to create a new habit… so I set 2 simple, easy, non-important goals to do for 30 days and hopefully they’ll stick! My two goals are… to make our bed every day, and to put on makeup every morning. It sounds SO DUMB, but these are two things that rarely ever actually happen. It’s been nice living in the big house, being able to stand up all the way to make the bed, it makes me want to make it a new habit. And the makeup? I work from home, ya’ll. I get lazy with my appearance, I admit it. So I’m trying to not be. Simple. 🙂 I figure if I can make these 2 simple goals happen for 30 days, I can up the goals next month and do something REALLY daunting and previously impossible, like, “work out” or “use the yoga mat for once in your life.”

Well that’s a lot of blabbing about nothing. Anyone else have any simple goals they’re trying to attain? Or really awesome goals that make my goals look like child’s play? Share here. 🙂



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