Remember that time you were really stressed…

Some people  know immediately when they’re stressed out. For me… I don’t really notice until I start pulling out my hair. I have this thing where I get compulsive about literally keeping my hand in my hair and pulling hairs out of my head, and I don’t even notice that I’m doing it for awhile.

So in this crazy timeframe we’ve made for ourselves before we move, since we weren’t really planning on moving anytime soon we had booked a ton of stuff this season.. which is really great, actually, for us to be able to afford furniture once we actually get a place and move! But I think the following two months are nearly booked solid.. busier than I’ve ever been (again, not complaining! counting my blessings for sure). The big stressor I guess is planning this home-buying-move-a-zillion-miles-away thing in the middle of a really busy season.

We got the inspection report back and it’s like…. wow. The home needs a LOT. of. work. before it can be livable even! We knew it was a tiny bit of a fixer before we made an offer, but it’s not even move-in-ready as we were led to believe. It needs some major electric work and a NEW ROOF, for starts.

We still really want this house but only if the seller is willing to fix the major things, because we just don’t have the money to take care of all of these things after we move in. We’re roughly estimating that all the work that needs to be done is at least $10,000 worth. Crazy. Still, we are praying that since all of this is totally out of our hands, that the seller will at the very least replace the roof and take care of the electrical issues before we sign on it. I know it’s asking a lot but, according to the inspection, the roof needs to be replaced immediately … and it seems like either way, the seller’s going to have to replace the dang roof.

So we’re praying that these guys will be receptive to working with us. Otherwise we have to start this whole process all over again.

In the middle of all of this, I’m playing catch up on editing and preparing for a really amazing wedding this coming weekend, with a couple that’s become our friends in the process of working together. They’re getting married in Anacortes, WA… it’s really so lovely up there! I can’t wait until Saturday. In the meantime I’ve been editing Josh’s cousin Maya’s Bat Mitzvah. In going through the photos I found some that Josh’s sister Julia took of us… a totally rare thing!

I’m SO excited for our photoshoot with Ulmer Studios coming up. It’s going to be so weird to be on the wrong side of the camera… but I think photos to document your life together are so important. We haven’t had an actual photoshoot since OUR WEDDING. Can you believe that? It makes me feel so hypocritical, hah! I’m excited to be able to practice what we preach… because I really do feel like photos are so important. I spend so much time taking photos of other people’s lives that when it comes to our personal life, I never take the camera with me anymore, and it’s kind of sad. I want to be able to show our kids photos of when Mom and Dad started a business together and moved all over the freaking country with all their crap and their dog in a station wagon. I want them to see us before we got parental worry lines and birthing hips. Hah. 🙂

And this has absolutely no relevance to anything in this post, but this photo ended up being kind of a happy accident. My hand accidentally shot in front of the lens as it was taking, and I really liked the photo anyway.

It’s just a reminder.


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