we had a funeral for a bird.

We are farm sitting and I feel like we are total failures. We had to bury a duck today. Came home late last night and found a poor murdered duck. Two days ago we had 9, and now there are 5. I’m guessing a bobcat or cougar got the rest during the night. The dogs were up at 4am barking like crazy and I knew something was out there but I was too afraid to check… plus we couldn’t see much anyway with it being so dark. I’m guessing whatever got the ducks took them away except for one that got left behind.

Our house situation is still in waiting! We presented the seller with our post-inspection requests, the most major one being a new roof, as the old one is not even up to code and at the end of its life. It’s a huge request. I think this week I have pulled out most of my hair and bitten off all of my nails except for my thumb nails (they’re too hard to bite). High anxiety.

Our realtor seems pretty optimistic that the seller knows that either way, he’s going to have to fix the roof to sell the house, whether it be to us or anyone else. That gives me hope.. but we’re still waiting to hear. If he doesn’t fix the roof, the lender won’t let us purchase the house, and we’ll have to start the home search from scratch. I really hope that doesn’t happen because we can’t really afford to keep flying back and forth to look at homes, and we wouldn’t want to buy a home without seeing it first! Ah, oh well. At the root of it all, I still believe the Lord knows where we are going to end up and I trust him… so I know that if this isn’t the right house for us, it won’t work out, but it’ll be okay.



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