It’s a House!

We heard back today that the seller has agreed to take care of everything we asked in our post-inspection requests! So… I guess we have a house! We have a closing date! We’re so freaking excited about this house… excited to be in Phoenix… excited to put roots down… not as excited to start over our clientele at ZERO but whatever!

I know the Lord is good and provides for us. When we first moved to WA, I sat upstairs in our little cabin one night alone, terrified for our time here. I journaled all the things I was begging God for. Money for bills, a job for Josh, for our little business to grow in a strange area. Six months later I’m so busy I can’t think, and everything has been provided for us by the Lord, by the generosity of John & Patty, by our friends who we’ve made who have recommended us to their friends, and by each other and our hard work. I’m really proud of this little thing we’ve built for ourselves here and I’m totally confident we can do the same thing anywhere with His help.

I guess this means we have to get on the ball packing and selling more stuff! Last time we moved we had six months to sell everything (we had a TON MORE), but this time we only have about 2 months. Can we do it in time? Duh. It will be crazy but we’ll make it. We are a great team. 🙂



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