Wow. So we have finally closed on our house! I should say, my pops has! The whole process was such a hassle for him and we’re so grateful to dad for being triumphantly awesome. 🙂 So now begins the process of building a home inside this house. It’s going to be a pretty slow deal, since our bank account is left ravaged after this move, security deposits, etc. But our amazing friends Richard + April surprised us with a huge bright orange sectional from IKEA that they scored off Craigslist for FORTY FIVE DOLLARS. It’s amazing. They came and set up this couch in our living room the first night of our being here, and it felt like our home instantly, rather than an empty room… they are such great friends and I can’t believe they would do that for us! It’s a crappy quality photo, but I wanted to share one of the couch. It was so cheap because the cushions were in sad shape but since the photo, I stitched up all of the holes, put a couple of patches on hidden areas, and washed them in the washing machine (they were supposed to be dry cleaned. HOW BAD-A am I??)

Speaking of phone photos… I really miss having a smart phone. I’m glad our phones have cameras on them but I miss having fun little snippets of life to look back on that are visually pleasing! I kind of had a nostalgia attack missing our Nashville friends, missing having cute, put-together home. I found all of my old smart phone photos backed up on the hard drive so I thought I’d share, like, a million photos with you of our life in Nashville when we were newlywed and skinny and stuff! This is a compilation of both of our phones’ backups.

in New Orleans for Marc + Nikki's wedding

location scouting

My sister getting married 🙂

IVY! as a baby!

Dave Bazan

Josh's impression of me at the computer


6 thoughts on “Nostalgiattack!

  1. possibly my favorite photo of you two -ever- is the one where you’re in the blue checkered shirt and josh is wearing glasses…so natural and so good. and i can’t wait to see more house photos! love you guys.

  2. These photos make me want to know you guys… like… in real life! 🙂 You are a super cute couple and it seems like you have tons of friends who love you. I wish you the best in the decorating process. And congrats on the house! 🙂

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