Twas like a couple days before Christmas

A few wide shots of our living room! It’s the only put-together room in our house so far, besides our messy kitchen, and I love hanging out in our living room. You can kind of even see Josh’s finished fishes on the wall in the last photo.

It’s still kind of bare-bones looking but we can’t wait to keep slowly filling our little nest.

Welp, you guys, it’s almost Christmas. I doubt anyone is less-prepared than we are. It seriously has driven me crazy this year, since Christmas is my favorite, and I’m usually all done shopping by like, October. But on the positive side, the lack of being able to shop, etc has been such a great reminder of why we even celebrate Christmas. We give gifts because God gave us the best gift ever. But you know, receiving is pretty beautiful too if you think about it. Because if you weren’t super excited and grateful to receive… what would be the motivation for giving to others and wanting them to know the same generosity that you were given?

So, anyone have any Christmas traditions they’ve kept or didn’t keep? Josh is once again going to do his yearly Bloody Mary on Christmas morning (appropriately so) and we got a chocolate advent calendar we’ve been happily munching down on every day. I only partially fulfilled my vow to just give handmade + thrifted gifts for Christmas this year. Next year I’ll have more time to begin shopping early and I’m going to try to do this 100%. We got a few Christmas cards out in time… and our gifts to our family are most likely going to arrive late. But we did host a small Christmas party the other night and after making a ton of sausage balls (and eating maybe half of them) all I want to eat is sausage balls. It feels like the Christmasy thing to do.

Also, let’s talk about how weird it feels to be wearing short sleeves and soaking up a lil’ sunshine on the Eve of the Eve of Christmas Eve. Definitely not complaining … it’s just so different from what I’ve ever experienced! Trying to counteract the weirdness with irrational amounts of Christmas music / Christmas movies.

I’m taking a mini-vacation from the internet / computer / work now that all our print orders and event editing have been fulfilled & completed. I need this break to refresh and recouperate. And that kitchen won’t clean itself.

Also…. that cookie dough definitely won’t bake itself.


2 thoughts on “Twas like a couple days before Christmas

  1. iambutonesmallinstrument says:

    Your tree looks great! It’s warm here in the South, too… nothing like last year’s Christmas. This year has seemed less Christmas-y… I’ve hardly watched any Christmas movies so far (though, as you know, I’m now reveling in “White Christmas” on the waiting room TV at work) and we didn’t get a tree this year because of budget/space issues. (BTW, your living room is huge! So many possibilities!) It will feel more like Christmas when we go to my parents’ house this weekend. šŸ™‚ Are you getting together with anyone for Christmas, or just the Josh-Sarah-Sadie nuclear family? Lots of love to you guys in AZ, and Merry Christmas! -Christina

    • weird, remember last winter in Nashville? You couldn’t pay God to make it stop snowing. Is White Christmas on Netflix? We’re just hanging out here in AZ for Christmas! It’ll be fun and a little strange without family around. And yea, our LR Is GINORMOUS it’s nuts! I’m glad you guys get to get away for Christmas.. we miss ya’ll! Come visit us soon!!

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