We’re A Little Crazy

When we moved into this house we had big plans for overhauling the floors. I don’t think either of us thought it would happen as soon as it did! Yesterday we found ourselves at Lowe’s with Christmas Money and a coupon (gold, ya’ll). We originally went to just pick someone’s brain about paint removing / etching / staining concrete floors, and we left with a cart full of acid etch, stains, and waterproofers. So this is what yesterday and this morning looked like for us!!

We attempted a couple of methods for removing the painted part of the floor. This actually worked the best – Josh just got a floor scraper and scraped all of the black paint off along the side of the room and down the hall. The floor paint in the kitchen is a totally different story.. we’ll definitely need a new plan for that.

Um, this was the other method we tried: Dry Ice. It didn’t work at all but it was super fun to play with. Dry ice + water have a chemical reaction, so Josh naturally threw a block into the pool to see what would happen. It just gargled + bubbled the whole pool for about 30 minutes or so. It was kind of awesome.

I realized I forgot to get a proper “before” photo, but you can look at the photos in the post below for a better, less-messy reference.

more fun with Dry Ice.

Then we swept the floor and prepared it for the acid etch. Which is exactly as intense as it sounds. I got a little on my fingers and it ate some of my skin off, you guys.

We had to wear this crap plus gloves.

So this morning, we got up and had to mop clean the acid etch off the floor. I swear… we mopped the whole floor at least 30 times. I think it still needs a few more go-overs.

I look a little defeated in this photo but it’s fine.

This is where we are now! Tomorrow we are staining the floors. Yay!

And for those of you impressed with our fashion, thank you, we got clothes from Savers before we started, which was super fun.


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