The Stain Gang

And so now, we bring you phase 2 of our floor renovations!

But first, I’d like to share with you a couple of things we learned.

1. We didn’t tape off our trim while we swished around all that dark stain, and now we have to repaint our trim. Lesson learned.

2. It would have probably been smarter to have painted the walls first, then the trim, then stain the floors. Rather than doing it backwards.

I’d like to think that the true spirit of DIY involves learning things the hard way.

We laid down the first layer on the etched concrete. We did the base coat in a brown color and then used a slate color over the top, doing two coats.


This is after the first coat of the slate over top. It looks cool in the photo, but it was just a little too messy looking for real life.

Note the piece of cardboard we used to “protect the trim.” Also note the quotation marks.

Then came 2 coats of sealer. Expertly applied by Josh.


The floors look darker than this in real life, and the texture looks more subtle but it’s growing on us!

The past day has been spent repainting the trim, which ended up being cool since we’d wanted whiter trim anyway. I mean, not that it matters. It’s just trim. 🙂

Welp! That’s about our past week in a nutshell. Josh is in the middle of building something awesome for the front of our house, and I’ve been testing out the paint colors we chose for the walls. Can’t wait to start all of that, but it might be awhile…



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