Cakes + Cakes

So, I was doubly inspired by Elsie’s terrific cake pop DIY on her blog, and by new friend Sarah’s creations at her girl’s craft night the other night, and decided I couldn’t go another day without trying to make cake pops myself.

Elsie + Emma’s recipe is perfect. And everything is explained so well so you don’t really need to be following a recipe the whole time. They are actually a lot easier to make than I thought they’d be, although they’re a little time consuming, but worth it. 😉

I bought a box of yellow cake mix and decided to split it in two and make two flavors! Nutella Pecan and Lemon Merignue.


I just added cocoa powder to the batch of cake for the Nutella pops. Easy. Also threw in finely chopped pecans.


I’m not going to lay out all of the steps here because Elsie has already done that. The only conundrum I had was just that I don’t have a microwave to melt the chocolate in. My friend Elizabeth cleverly rigged a double broiler but we didn’t really have the stuff to do that either… so duh, I decided to use the crock pot. Chocolate is SO FINICKY and if a drop of water gets in it when you’re melting it, it seizes up. So touchy. So if you use the crock pot, do not put the lid on it. Just throw it in and keep stirring. For the bag of chocolates for drizzling (later on) I threw a ziploc bag full of chocolate in a pyrex bowl and put that in the oven on 170 for 10 minutes or so.




I took a lot of photos. Apparently I was incredibly pleased with myself. I might still be!


The white chocolate was a LOT harder to work with than the semi-sweet chocolate! For some reason it just hated me, I think. Still tastes good and it sets better.


So, here’s the bag situation. It’s like rigged piping. I learned this trick when I worked at a Tea Room in Nashville and we made chocolate covered strawberries a lot. This is a GREAT TRICK. Just melt chocolate in a bag and cut off the tiniest corner ever.




Naturally, I had to taste these to make sure they turned out ok. I might have had to taste two.


And then I made these too with the leftover chocolate! All in all, a great day in the kitchen, baking and singing to Taylor Swift songs without shame. I think I probably lost hipster points for saying that but you guys, have you even HEARD Taylor Swift!? She’s so freaking good.

What treats are all you gals getting ready for Valentine’s Day??


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