Curtain Call

Today I went in to be allergy tested for the first time since I was about 8. I know allergies can develop over the years, especially with how poorly mine have been lately. I was really dreading this because I was so sure I was going to find out I am allergic to dogs now. I was heart broken thinking about finding a new home for our sweet Sadie.

Thankfully I am NOT! Needless to say I’ve cuddled her and loved her SO MUCH today!

Not just that, but apparently the only major thing I reacted to was some sort of tree and weeds. I have to go back in to get re-tested in stronger dosages after my surgery, but for now, this was really miraculous news to me.

It’s been a hard couple of weeks for me! In leading up to the surgery I’ve been on this medicine that makes me SO TIRED. ALL THE TIME. Like… much more tired than pregnant tired. I feel like a bobblehead, trying to stay awake. Just trying to get my editing work done before surgery has been challenging. I’ll be really glad when this is over.

I have surgery on Thursday! I’d really appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I’m pretty apprehensive about the whole thing, not knowing what it’s going to be like, how much pain I’ll be in afterwards… silly things. Worrying doesn’t help a bit! 🙂




The sunrise this morning was so beautiful. I was up early, so I watched the light gradually creep in through the curtains onto patterns on the wall. I love sunrises and sunsets here – the sky is so clear.



And then the sunsets are just as beautiful.

I went out well past sunset tonight but the air still felt perfect. 70 degrees. Got to play with Sadie outside a bit and watch her run around, my little rascal.

Is it silly to only post phone snapshots? I still take snapshots with my professional camera but I kind of love having this phone-ography as a side project. I love how available the phone camera is. It’s always with you. It’s always ready. It puts all of us on a level playing field because most of us have phones with cameras. It’s every day! And that’s what I like about it.



I originally decided to blog one photo every day as a minimum but my daily posts have turned into snapshot recounts of our day. I like it! I can’t wait to have this to look back on.


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