Photo Free

This is an update with zero photos. Just a fair warning. 🙂

Today felt like summer. 80 degrees and sunny. So lovely. I hope we can get our pool in working order before the heat hits.

Surgery recovery… it’s going ok. It’s pretty gross and not my favorite thing, doing the saline rinse twice a day. It’s terribly nauseating. And gross… as I mentioned. But it helps. The human body is so weird, how it works.

I’m going through total fatigue now and also a little feverish. My brain is borderline batty. I think it’s all of the laying down and staying indoors that drives the battyness. All I wanted to do today was go out and THRIFT. I stayed in and browsed craigslist like a sick troll. It wasn’t the same.

Being confined to laying down pretty much I’ve perused Netflix trying to fill my Downton-Abbey-shaped hole in my heart. I tried Friday Night Lights. I watched several episodes of Say Yes to the Dress today. Nothing loves me the way that DA loves me. That makes me feel so sad. Season 3 doesn’t start until the fall, and 30 Rock has made me so confused lately. I’m trying not to make my life about TV shows but for this season of recovery, TV is the only variable I have. Also… I make a lot of lists. About goals and stuff I can’t do right now.

Oh man, I am seriously out of it. I probably shouldn’t be blogging or have access to any social outlets of any kind. oopsies! tootaloo!


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