On it Like A Bonnet

“I’m on it like a bonnet” is something I say probably too much. I think it’s hilarious but no body ever laughs. Oh well! Inside joke with me!

I haven’t really felt on it like a bonnet lately! I resent the computer for stealing my life away. My creativity feels like it’s been stolen away somehow. I’m not going to lament about how lacking I feel, but I’m going to talk about my plan for crawling out of this hole. This kind of drain happens maybe twice a year. I think it’s the curse of the creative. I don’t know why but it certainly is a real struggle to stay inspired in these seasons, especially with the wise words “You’re only as good as the last thing you did” echoing in my head from photography school. At a time when business is slow this is probably the very worst reminder!

I spent the past two days NOT ON THE COMPUTER. I had to call a break. I went out! I talked to people! I ran errands! I planned! I shopped! I picked out paint colors and made lists! I walked through the garden center at Lowe’s and soaked in the sunshine! It was marvelous. It was perfect. Oh it was PERFECT. It was totally what I’ve needed. And I’m realizing that my problem is that I don’t allow myself more creative breaks than I do, and that goes hand in hand with self-control. Self-control has a lot to do with work discipline, yes, but I think to know and control yourself, you need to know and control your limitations as well.

The end!

Tomorrow is Josh’s birthday!!! I’m so glad he is alive. I’m thankful so much for that man. šŸ™‚


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