Phoenix, Rambling

Favorites Lately

A few things I love about life lately.

I love the way the sun streams inside in the afternoon.


I love the plant life here, all of the pretty succulents. They’re so beautiful!



I love coffee spots that are new to us, and delicious. This came from a new fave, Lola. And that whipped cream on top is homemade espresso vanilla whipped cream… YUP.


I love when Sadie bathes in the sun in the mornings.



I love when Josh gets inspired to paint. I love that he said that these swirls get stick in his head like a song. I love him!


I love new friends. Sadie does too 🙂


There’s a lot in this life we have to enjoy and be grateful for! I was so heartbroken today to hear of someone who took his own life early this morning. I never want to forget these beautiful blessings that make life so lovely and rich. Things that even in our darkest moments we have to be grateful for, and we have so much to live for. We have so much hope for the future!! My heart is heavy for them today. Join me in sending prayers and love back to Nashville.


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