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Date day!

Sometimes, you just have to be intentional about your time together. We planned yesterday as a Date Day, and I loved my time with Josh!

Started off with lattes and breakfast at Lux.


We stopped by the library and TOTALLY SCORED with movies and CDs for the week. Our library is so great. We also got free passes to the Phoenix Art Museum, and headed there afterwards…. buttttttt it was closed. Oh well! Decided to head out instead to the Chinese Cultural Center we kept seeing signs for.

Our GPS took us in a huge circle trying to find the Chinese cultural center, but it ended up being a really sweet drive through downtown neighborhoods. Yesterday was perfect outside!


When we got to the Chinese cultural center, it ended up just being a shopping center with asian-style buildings. What? Oh well, picked up some treats for ourselves and for some special guests coming this weekend! šŸ˜‰

We stopped at some antique shops and poked around. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and we used to do this alot when we first started dating.

We visited two new antique malls: Antiques on Camelback, and Zinnias on Melrose.


We’d packed a lunch and drove up to Squaw Peak to eat. Yesterday was actually pretty hot. I’m so glad for the shaded picnic areas there.


We had some almonds and pistachios we threw out for all these cute little chipmunks. They were super brave and came so close to us. SO CUTE.


I’m so glad we took the day for ourselves. šŸ™‚


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