Not that anyone noticed!

But it’s been over two months since my last post. It’s fine!

I couldn’t sleep tonight and so I thought I’d catch up on editing some personal photos! Somehow the photos we take of our own lives get placed at last priority. What can I say, we’ve been super busy. πŸ™‚ These photos are from my birthday last month! It was ungodly amounts of hot outside (It usually is) so we drove up to Prescott to escape the heat for the day. We had so much fun! My only regret is not getting real photos of our trip to the shooting range (got plenty of cell phone photos though). Also… I made the very conscious decision to only bring my wide angle lens. It reminds me alot of being in photography school and going through the photojourn class (up close and personal assignment, anyone?) and only shooting with a 17mm that whole class. It’s not my favorite lens but it has a lot of character, so why not.

Started the day off with a big southern breakfast. I’ve reaaalllllly been missing the south lately and luckily there’s a Cracker Barrel around here. Get ready to be hungry, not sorry about it!

Then we headed up to Prescott. We first walked around a ton of antique stores. Literally the whole down town area is antique stores. When we finally got hungry enough we went to Bill’s Pizza, per the lovely Chelsea‘s suggestion!

Oh man, I could go for that pizza right now.

After that we tried out the Wild Iris cafe, a suggestion from an instagram follower! It was amazing. We took our drinks and birthday macaroons and headed to the lake to relax and enjoy the breeze and not-hellish temperatures.

We drove around the lake area where there was some camping grounds and explored a little.

Heading back to Phoenix… this drive was gorgeous late in the day. The layers of mountains you can see was even more beautiful in real life.

Thank you so much Josh for such a wonderful birthday! It’s one that I will never forget. You are the best gift in my life. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Not that anyone noticed!

  1. beca says:

    I love Prescott. When I lived in Phoenix, we used to drive up for the day at least once a month. So woodsy and at least 10 degrees cooler! Looks like yall had a really good time! xoxo.

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