Breathe! Enjoy it!

Just released the lighting e-course after a few months of pulling outlines together, putting plans in place, and the last couple of weeks especially have been crazy, busy, sleep deprived. We met our first goal so we made a second goal, we met our second goal so we put a loftier goal in place that we’re about halfway to.

It’s good to get a few days that are a little lower key. Working on projects. Finally cleaning up and turning our house back into a living room / dining room (from what we made our makeshift studios for the course). We gave ourselves a few rewards this week – a couple of coffee dates, and a breakfast date! Hoping to meet sales enough to give ourselves the ultimate reward – a working pool. 🙂 That, friends, is our lofty goal.

I’m sorry to my friends for not being so present lately! Promise things will be back to normal soon. 🙂 I feel like I’ve been neglecting our poor doggie too, and more importantly, my husbertons. I love our little family unit so much. It’s been nice to have little dates this week, trips to Lowe’s, that kind of thing.

I’ve been hit this week with how rich we are, not in money, just in life. I feel so rich to be able to work alongside my husband, that we can make our own living honestly, that how much we put into it is how much we get out of it. I love that we get to have breakfast together every morning, and an occasional sushi date on a whim just because we can! I love Josh so much, I love his company, love his friendship. Life is so rich.

Lately it’s been pretty hot but it’s been nice! It’s nice to have a hot, sweaty summer that makes pool trips and otter pops utterly delightful. To have sunshine on our faces is such a treat. The occasional storms are just so good, I can’t tear myself away from the windows. And the evenings when the sun sets and the breeze picks up is my heaven.

Learning contentment is such a powerful thing. Godliness with contentment is great gain. So very thankful!


photo of Sadie while we were putting together a project. 🙂


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