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It’s finally almost ready!

Almost a year ago, we came down here to Phoenix for one day only to look at houses. The house we found happened to be the first one we looked at. We’re in love with our house, although we had so many changes we’ve had to make to fix it up to our dream house! Worth it!

I took this photo of Josh in the pool the day we came to look at the house. Not only did it look super rough, it’s a seriously old pool from the 60’s and needed a lot of work to get it up to working order.

Almost one year later, it is finally almost ready! It’s nearly done filling now (it takes over a day of two hoses running water into it to fill). Last night when the water level was lower, we took some photos to remember this. I can’t believe this is really finally happening!

And not going to lie.. I was also eager for a chance to process more photos with the VSCO Film Pack 02 before implementing it into my workflow. 🙂

We’re planning on swimming by tonight. 🙂 Perfect timing, since it’s been around 115 degrees lately.

The pool has been a priority for us because swimming is a perfect low-impact exercise for us asthmatic folks! I’m so excited to take this step to getting my health back, and being able to get in shape without major asthma episodes. Plus, come on, swimming is the MOST fun.

Now, to tame that jungle of a back yard so we can have some mega pool parties.


One thought on “It’s finally almost ready!

  1. Mom says:

    So great! Let me know how it was, going for a swim! It looks beautiful. My package should get there tomorrow, btw. Just in time.

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