Chattanooga, TN

This morning we left Nashville for a quick visit down to Chattanooga to visit our friends Doug + Beca of the so-hot-right-now-Tumbleweeds-fame. We’ve only been to Chattanooga once so it’s fun to really visit it, especially with good friends.

We first drove up to Lookout Mountain where it was actually much too foggy to look anywhere, but it was just so beautiful I couldn’t help but take a ton of photos. Driving around the curvy two-lane mountain roads, surrounded by fog, felt simultaneously amazing and a little creepy (I couldn’t help but think about that movie The Others. And now I want to watch it.). We went to dinner and then back at the house everyone kicked into full-gear work mode – Beca + Doug (& Josh) with their wood veneer sunglasses orders, and me with my mountain of photo editing behind me! I decided to take a quick break so I don’t keep neglecting our personal photos, and post some from today. If I don’t do it now… it’ll never happen.

Here’s Beca in their shop.

Sorry I took a lot of photos of Beca (I’m not sorry).


4 thoughts on “Chattanooga, TN

  1. Beautiful photos! I love that you’re getting to take a working travel vacation to see some good friends and family! You look stunning and I hope you’re feeling refreshed. Big hug and all my love!

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