I might have missed something, there…

I’m trying to wrap up our personal photos from our trip in between editing photos for our clients, (because if it doesn’t get done now… let’s just be honest, it’ll NEVER get done! Anyone relate?) and I’m pretty sure I missed a bunch, but I’ll come back to it.

This first set was just a few photos I took on our drive from Lake Tahoe to Los Angeles. At one point we pulled over to switch drivers and we realized that we were stopped at the exact place we had stopped at before on the same stretch of road, about two years ago. Kind of crazy! There was this weird yellow building, and when Josh peeked inside, he saw it was full of hidden camera monitors, so we got a little freaked out and left soon after.

This next little set was taken on our very last leg, on the very last drive from Los Angeles back to Phoenix. While we were driving through the desert, desperately hoping each new exit would offer a restroom, we found this exit that seemed to have a bunch of buildings boasting “Cafe” and “Gas” but to our totally creeped-out-ness, we found this whole small town to be completely deserted.

Josh had noticed a little abandoned group of houses nearby so we drove over there to scope it out.
Initially we were pretty excited because, who gets to explore totally abandoned houses, ever? And a whole bunch at once! It was thrilling. And as we walked around, poking around in these homes, seeing children’s shoes eaten away by rodents, broken plates, old TV’s smashed in, we became increasingly more alarmed at what had happened there. If you think about it, it’s pretty odd for this whole group of homes to have been abandoned around the same time – families just leaving all of their stuff and running away. As we walked around the neighborhood, the desert around us was so quiet, mildly breezy, but just very quiet. The excitement grew to concern for both of us around the same time. Josh sliced his arm open on a piece of glass and once we saw the blood dripping off his arm into the dust, we both got out of there as quickly as we could after snapping a few last photos. Yeesh!


We did find this sweet lamp though, as well as some untouched small, floral plates. 🙂

There’s our last leg of the trip! I might have to back track a little in the future with my updates from Texas, etc. So forgive me for being a little disorganized with our personal photos! 🙂 Hope everyone’s Halloween is spooky, scary. Much like a Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.


**EDIT** If you’re as curious about the mostly abandoned town of Desert Center, CA as I was, here’s a little video of someone driving around in their car and zooming in into the windows / doors (nice touch, not getting out of your car). The houses we explored start at about 1:30. Here is the link:



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