Getting Ready


A couple of weeks ago we finally a crib (from IKEA) and got the crib put together! I should say, Josh did. 🙂 Half of the “nursery” is still an office but we can’t really help that right now. It feels strange to want to nest and prepare a nursery but not really be able to, because we’ll be moving about two months after Imogen gets here. But it’s still fun to do little things.

baby-coming-6963baby-coming-6969baby-coming-6966We don’t really have any kind of storage for her things yet, so we’re using these buckets. Hah! It may not look like it but they are in fact organized.

baby-coming-6973After Josh assembled the crib it really looked sad without a crib sheet. We went to SAS and picked out fabrics together for her sheets after finding this super easy tutorial on Dana Made It! It was hard to find sheets to register for that weren’t full of bows and hearts and cartoon characters, besides some really sweet Etsy shops. And while I like to support small businesses I couldn’t afford $50+ for one crib sheet, and I certainly felt bad asking for that even on our registry, when there are things we need more than just pretty crib sheets. More importantly, it felt really rewarding making something for her myself. I’m so glad I tried. Each one of these ended up costing me about $8.30 (2 yards of fabric at $4/yd, and about 2 yards of elastic at .15/yd)

I’ve actually only made two sheets so far. Motivation is pretty fickle these days. Started on a quilt (I’m using Rachel’s tutorial from her Baby on the Way e-course here) but have yet to finish it, because the weddings & sessions I have to edit still take priority.

And priorities. Getting anything done is hard these days. I mean I’ve been pretty exhausted and whiny about life so everything is hard, emotions are hard and I feel completely irrational most of the time. I feel like I end up apologizing a lot. I’m just so thankful this is temporary. Because it’s hard to be aware that you are crazy in your head but not be able to control it. I’ve just been trying to avoid the internet more, avoid being around people more, and I’m fine. Hah. 🙂

Off to work on more photos! ❤




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