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Yesterday we decided to take a day trip to Sedona on the fly. Neither of us have been, so basically we had no idea how congested and touristy it would be, and how you have to have a rec pass to even park on the side of the road and picnic. It was a little crazy! As different of an experience as it turned out to be than what we imagined, it was still so lovely driving into Sedona. It really takes your breath away when those giant, red-striped rocks come into view. It got down to the 60’s (!!!) in the shade, and we saw signs of a coming fall in the leaves, which is something I’ve been longing for. We did get to stop once for some roadside cider (but am I the only one who thinks it’s weird when cider is served ice-cold? I wonder if that’s how people drink cider in AZ, from my two cider-purchasing experiences here. I might be wrong.). But regardless of my aversion to cold cider we were really glad to get away (I left my phone at home, what!) and see someplace new and beautiful. The photos can’t possibly do Sedona justice.

sedona-september-web-9227 sedona-september-web-9228 sedona-september-web-9233sedona-september-web-9239It’s hard to get over all the dirt and the rocks being so red.

sedona-september-web-9258 sedona-september-web-9247 sedona-september-web-9259sedona-september-web-9262 sedona-september-web-9265

So nice seeing actual signs of fall. I felt kind of nerdy taking these two photos but to me it was the first real evidence of autumn!

We turned around and headed back to Phoenix after a couple hours of driving around Sedona and taking photos. We had brought a picnic lunch to enjoy in a park somewhere, but because there were LINES of cars just waiting to get into the park (!!) we ended up scarfing down our food in a random gravel lot down the highway. Hah! Rookie mistake right? It was still nice and peaceful.

Somewhere just north of Phoenix the sun was setting so perfectly so we pulled over to take photos, because I’ve really been wanting some maternity photos with cacti. Kinda corny, but since we’re moving soon I thought it would be great to have something to have so we can show Imogen what her birthplace looked like. It’s been such a special time living here in Arizona, I never pictured myself living here but we’ve loved it.

And you can’t beat our sunsets.

sedona-september-web-9308 sedona-september-web-9298-2 sedona-september-web-9314 sedona-september-web-9339 sedona-september-web-9328 sedona-september-web-9334 sedona-september-web-9357 sedona-september-web-9356 sedona-september-web-9335 sedona-september-web-9327

These are probably my favorite of our baby-on-the-way photos so far. Josh is really getting to be such a great photographer too and he’s so patient with me when I get super bossy about how the photos should look. Hah. ๐Ÿ™‚

And it’s true, I haven’t painted my nails in like 4 weeks but who cares. Life isn’t always magazine perfect and that’s how we like it.

I’m 32 weeks today! 8 more weeks hopefully! It’s getting more and more real. xo



3 thoughts on “Sedona

  1. I ADORE the photo of you standing next to the tall cactus (wow I can’t spell cactus, thanks mac for pointing that out).

    I need to teach my hubby to shoot. He currently acts too cool for cameras, I’ll break him one of these days ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Valerie says:

    Sarah – What color lipstick do you wear? My complexion is similar to yours and that color just always makes you glow.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Your post today was really thoughtful and well said, my thoughts will definitely be with you and Josh over the next few weeks.

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