House, Imogen

Carving her place in our home

We’ve very slowly been gathering pieces for a nursery. Originally we had bought a crib but weren’t going to use it until after we moved, and then we weren’t going to even have a nursery, but with all our friends being so generous to shower us with gifts we had to have a place to put everything, which we hadn’t even thought about!

Plus I also hadn’t counted on nesting instincts being like BOOM. I heard about nesting being a thing, I doubted it applied to me, until one day I found myself dropping like $100 on fabric at Joanns and sewing up a whole mess of crib sheets. Well played, baby.

It feels really nice to carve out a space for this little lady in our lives as well. Here’s some peeks from our little halvsie nursery (the other half is our office which I have cleverly not photographed as part of this post).

nursery-bits-0859 nursery-bits-0839Our beautiful mobile was made by the talented Jahje of Baby Jives! Her mobiles are dreamy. It meant so much to me when she said she watched a little Harry Potter while putting this one together! It’s full of magic, this one. ❤

Our crib is a cheapie from Ikea but I love how simple and natural it is. It was our favorite one.

nursery-bits-0840The crib sheet was one I made in that one week of nesting mania. These two blankets hanging over the rail I absolutely love and both were gifts from dear friends with amazing taste!! ❤

nursery-bits-0846 nursery-bits-0842 nursery-bits-0857We’ve started pulling together things here and there for the hospital bag. Picking out her going home outfit together was especially fun. 🙂 And holding these little tiny diapers is unreal. We’re still putting this thing together, so what are some things you really liked having with you in the hospital?

nursery-bits-0860 nursery-bits-0848All the tiny things. Whenever I open this drawer I just laugh. Everything is so tiny.

nursery-bits-0855Found these little leather shoes at a baby consignment place recently. Kill me dead!

nursery-bits-0861And here’s a whole mess of projects I’m still working on and most likely won’t finish in time but that’s okay. 🙂

36 weeks and 1 day, folks!


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