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Carving her place in our home

We’ve very slowly been gathering pieces for a nursery. Originally we had bought a crib but weren’t going to use it until after we moved, and then we weren’t going to even have a nursery, but with all our friends being so generous to shower us with gifts we had to have a place to put everything, which we hadn’t even thought about!

Plus I also hadn’t counted on nesting instincts being like BOOM. I heard about nesting being a thing, I doubted it applied to me, until one day I found myself dropping like $100 on fabric at Joanns and sewing up a whole mess of crib sheets. Well played, baby.

It feels really nice to carve out a space for this little lady in our lives as well. Here’s some peeks from our little halvsie nursery (the other half is our office which I have cleverly not photographed as part of this post).

nursery-bits-0859 nursery-bits-0839Our beautiful mobile was made by the talented Jahje of Baby Jives! Her mobiles are dreamy. It meant so much to me when she said she watched a little Harry Potter while putting this one together! It’s full of magic, this one. ❤

Our crib is a cheapie from Ikea but I love how simple and natural it is. It was our favorite one.

nursery-bits-0840The crib sheet was one I made in that one week of nesting mania. These two blankets hanging over the rail I absolutely love and both were gifts from dear friends with amazing taste!! ❤

nursery-bits-0846 nursery-bits-0842 nursery-bits-0857We’ve started pulling together things here and there for the hospital bag. Picking out her going home outfit together was especially fun. 🙂 And holding these little tiny diapers is unreal. We’re still putting this thing together, so what are some things you really liked having with you in the hospital?

nursery-bits-0860 nursery-bits-0848All the tiny things. Whenever I open this drawer I just laugh. Everything is so tiny.

nursery-bits-0855Found these little leather shoes at a baby consignment place recently. Kill me dead!

nursery-bits-0861And here’s a whole mess of projects I’m still working on and most likely won’t finish in time but that’s okay. 🙂

36 weeks and 1 day, folks!

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It’s finally almost ready!

Almost a year ago, we came down here to Phoenix for one day only to look at houses. The house we found happened to be the first one we looked at. We’re in love with our house, although we had so many changes we’ve had to make to fix it up to our dream house! Worth it!

I took this photo of Josh in the pool the day we came to look at the house. Not only did it look super rough, it’s a seriously old pool from the 60’s and needed a lot of work to get it up to working order.

Almost one year later, it is finally almost ready! It’s nearly done filling now (it takes over a day of two hoses running water into it to fill). Last night when the water level was lower, we took some photos to remember this. I can’t believe this is really finally happening!

And not going to lie.. I was also eager for a chance to process more photos with the VSCO Film Pack 02 before implementing it into my workflow. 🙂

We’re planning on swimming by tonight. 🙂 Perfect timing, since it’s been around 115 degrees lately.

The pool has been a priority for us because swimming is a perfect low-impact exercise for us asthmatic folks! I’m so excited to take this step to getting my health back, and being able to get in shape without major asthma episodes. Plus, come on, swimming is the MOST fun.

Now, to tame that jungle of a back yard so we can have some mega pool parties.

House, life, Phoenix

Oh hi August.

You snuck up quickly. It feels like just a month ago we were settling into this house, trying to figure out the best way to make this house feel like our home right away.

We have several projects going on now still, and I love when Josh gets an idea and decides to do it right then and there (even if it means that everything in the house ends up covered by a thin layer of drywall dust without warning) but it’s nothing we can’t clean up afterwards. So first up, Josh cut out a piece of our kitchen wall and put in a built-in shelf! I’m in LOVE with how it looks. He also painted a chalkboard wall just for fun. It makes our kitchen look much different I think.

Once we knew we were going to be able to have our pool renovated this month, we tackled our jungle of a back yard. We have aloe growing out of our ears, guys. We decided to transplant a ton of the offshoots with a little help from farmer internet. We were so proud of ourselves but now the transplants are looking utterly pitiful. We tried, little offshoots. We tried.

But somehow the one that we potted and moved indoors is loving his life. Spunky little aloe vera.

And you read correctly before. Your eyes did not trick you. Our pool is getting a makeover. Naturally there have been complications with it being unused for years, and it being an ancient pool to begin with. We’ve had to have all kinds of whatnots added here and there, lots of drilling, lots of neighbors loving us I’m sure. Hopefully everything will be done this coming week!

I’ve been feeling a tiny bit out of control lately, feeling like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. We had a great dinner together last night and talked about our plans for next year, how I’ll cut back weddings and I’ll have to raise rates (I haven’t done that in almost 2 years), and how we are going to make it both being self-employed, etc. It’s scary but it’s exciting. I ended up overbooking myself this autumn (not double booking, but just overbooking, not allowing myself any time off or time for other projects). I know myself and I know that I have to keep several different projects on the horizon to keep from getting burned out on one thing. Thank the Lord I have Josh, he’s so level headed and encouraging, and such a huge help to me. We make an awesome team. I love him more every day.

Today is the first time in awhile I’ve just taken photos around the house for the fun of it. And it was fun actually.

Today’s been a little discouraging because a publication had promised to send us our usage fees for using photos without permission and had stopped responding to our correspondence. Today was the deadline we had asked for compensation by and it came and went without any acknowledgement. The hot head in me is so angry and ready to hold a grudge, pursue legal action, and let it get under my skin. I prayed about it today and feel a strong conviction to just forgive them. To just let it go without gossiping about them, without contacting them again. I feel peace knowing that whatever happens that I did all I could to make a peaceful agreement, and sometimes people will steal from you and you just can’t force them to make it right. It’s a hard, hard thing to keep yourself from taking offense against someone else but I’m really going to try and move on, and hope their conscience grabs them some day. Forgive us our debts as we try really hard to forgive our debtors. (and if I’m being honest, it doesn’t feel saintly. It feels defeating.)

Well, since it’s August I made a little playlist on spotify of some songs that are inspiring me lately, if anyone cares to listen. 🙂 Click here –  there are several new + old songs on there. I love the idea of making a new playlist for each month, since music is such a nostalgic tool! If anyone else has a playlist to share please do. 🙂


Guest Wing!

Ok so it’s just a room and not a wing. we’re still so excited to be able to have a decent place for guests to stay! It’s the first time we’ve had a guest room that wasn’t also a storage room, so it feels pretty special. 🙂


Josh made this sweet end table.


A thrifted blanket that I fell in love with.

Just a couple peeks… You’ll have to come visit to see the rest!